Stephen J. Dann
~ ITPA ~
UK Tax Advisor

Terms of Engagement and fees
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The costs of providing a service to my clientele, and my own remuneration, must be apportioned fairly between those who benefit from my services.

For this reason I charge an hourly rate which is calculated by dividing my total costs and remuneration by the number of hours worked during the course of the calendar year.

This hourly rate is then applied to the time taken on your affairs. The hourly rate is currently £ 670, for face-to-face meetings, and £ 335.00 per hour for purely internet based advice.

Fee estimates are provided based upon an appraisal of the services to be undertaken on your behalf and such estimates are given in writing.
These charges are necessary to cover the costs of an extensive library which requires constant updating, and proessional seminars which I am obliged to attend in order to retain my qualification and provide up-to-date advice where legislation and the interpretation thereof changes constantly.
If you have a specific query then feel free to e-mail me and I will usually respond personally within 24 hours. Where the request is for specific advice I may respond with further questions relating to your individual circumstances before providing detailed advice, and in most circumstances a fee will be requested before a complete response is given. Such fees may be paid via my secure online credit-card service and usually vary between £ 250 and £ 500. Once I have provided the advice requested I will continue to respond to such questions as are necessary for the following 14 days to ensure you are entirely satisfied with my advice.
I appreciate that visitors to this website are confronted with the question of whether the fee is"worth it" since a few hundred pounds can seem a lot of money in exchange for a few emails. The decision hinges on what the fee payment is seen to be displacing. When comparing my fee with what could otherwise be purchased with the fee money it is arguably more relevant to consider what financial savings may be achieved through the advice and services I deliver.
In the unlikely event that any dispute arises relating to this service I reserve the absolute right to charge for all of the time spent on your affairs since the moment of the initial contact.

Whilst I appreciate that, for some, cheating the taxman has become something of a sport, I will not assist in any dishonest act. Tax evasion, in particular, was once viewed as an acceptable aspect of doing business, but today it is the grease that enables a vast range of activities that all impact social and economic growth. By siphoning off public funds, tax evasion denies life-saving helathcare to those in need, as well as life-enhancing educational opportunities for children. I therefore reserve the absolute right not to provide information requested where it requires me to perform a potentially dishonest act, or in circumstances where the advice may assist another person in committing a dishonest act.

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