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Company Environmental Policy

My staff and I are conscious of the impact our work has on the environment and have made determined efforts to limit the environmental impact, but in a manner which does not affect the quality of our service which is of paramount importance. Our business is what it is and attempting to adjust our day-to-day working to fit some vague notion of "saving the environment" would be like trying to rebuild an elephant so that it can be both an elephant and a panther. It's never going to happen. We have therefore selected suppliers and services which enable us to carry out our work in a manner which is as environmentally sound as is practical. The standard of recycled paper available does not meet the high standards required for our work, and therefore we subscribe to an organization which is responsible for the planting of new saplings in the Thai Royal Forest Reserve. In 2019 we have funded the planting of one hundred saplings.

All paper we dispose of is shredded and given for recycling.

United postal Service (UPS) have been chosen for our international mail due to their environmental policies. In particular the drive to make routes and vehicles energy efficient by their attention to hydrocarbon energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions levels.

UPS policy on Greenhouse Gas Emissions
UPS are also pursuing energy-efficient plane designs

UPS Aircraft Fleet - reducing emissions

We welcome constructive suggestions for environmental conservation in relation to our work: please contact me by e-mail
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